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Welcome to call our service hotline at +886800272273.


Welcome to call our service hotline at +886800272273.


Welcome to call our service hotline at +886800272273.

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The Origin of the QBER Brand:

The founder, Chairman Wu, was an amateur pitcher thirty years ago. Due to a major sports injury, he suffered from numbness from head to toe and could not sleep at night. Since then, he tirelessly sought treatment methods, which led him to encounter traditional Eastern medical practices - "acupuncture, cupping, chiropractic adjustments, herbal steaming, massage, Morning Sun Qi, Fuhu Gong, External Alchemy, Tai Chi, Shaolin Qi Guiding, as well as studying Esoteric Buddhism, magnetic fields, and magnetotherapy." Through this, he came to understand and master the techniques of detecting and utilizing the energy "Qi".

He realized that the root of health problems in people is related to certain body frequencies deviating from the normal resonance range. He discovered that by adjusting the early manifestations of these frequencies through "physical" resonance methods, one can redirect the disrupted and imbalanced body frequencies back on track, guiding the restoration of health and reclaiming a happy, healthy life!

Thus, under this value concept and utilizing many years of engineering background and the spirit of scientific verification, he successfully applied the Nobel Prize-winning principle of "photo-magnetic resonance" to embed human body frequencies of 1.8~8.2Hz into various essential daily items. In such a fortunate conjunction, the QBER brand was established.

The Origin of the Name QBER:

QBER is actually an acronym for Quantum, Biology, Energy, Resonance. Semantically, it means "Quantum Biological Energy Resonance," a method that utilizes "quantum resonance technology" to recalibrate frequencies that have deviated from their normal trajectories, assisting in guiding them back to their original state through frequency resonance technology!

QBER Brand Overview/Assertion/Slogan/Keywords:

(1) QBER Brand Overview:

QBER is a brand that venerates and seeks the health and well-being of people, utilizing the core technology of physical quantum frequency resonance to develop a range of everyday necessities.

It aims to address the invisible imbalances in health caused by our living environments through daily use of its products, guiding them back to their original state in the most natural way possible, thereby enabling a happier life!

(2) QBER Brand Assertion:

"Light Up Your Life!"

By harnessing the precise frequency resonance value of QBER's quantum light, illuminate a healthy life!

(3) QBER Brand Keywords:

"Human", "Health", "Sub-health", "Physical", "Non-chemical", "Natural Pursuit", "Light Up Your Life!".